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AstroWorld was started in 1968 by Judge Roy Hofheinz, the former owner of the Houston Astros baseball team. It was the amusement compliment to his Astrodomain complex which included the Astrodome sports stadium and the Astrohall convention center. It started out with only a few rides and no roller coasters.
In 1975, the park was leased to the Six Flags Corporation and became the fourth park of the Six Flags family and the first Six Flags park not to be built by Six Flags themselves. Over the years, the park has accumulated nine rollercoasters and many thrill rides. The newest attractions, SWAT and Diablo Falls, opened in 2003 for the park's 35th anniversary.

Kemah Construction Update!
So as you may or may not have heard, they're building a Gravity Group woodie in Kemah. Kemah has yet to announce this, but Amusement Today sort of made the announcement for them. It's well under construction, and I went out there today to get a few pictures of the progress. Click here for the update.
18:30:32 | December 22, 2006-Houston Thrills

Schlitterbahn Galveston Construction Update!
Ok, I know it's not Houston, but since I have nothing else to update on this site now that AstroWorld's closed, I decided to put up construction pictures of Schlitterbahn Galveston! The park looks like it's fairly close to being finished, and I'm guessing it'll probably open sometime this month. Happy New Year! Click here for the update.
01:32:40 | January 01, 2006-Houston Thrills

Final Video Posted!
After having it sit on the server unlinked for almost a week, I finally got around to posting the closing video I made. It's 10 minutes long, and I would highly encourage you to download the High or Very High Quality versions. The Medium Quality version is a minimum, and the Low Quality is for if you're just really really really impatient. It can be found on the bottom of the Videos Page.
01:52:05 | November 06, 2005-Houston Thrills

It's over.
Well, the final season of AstroWorld operation has ended. I hope everyone made it out to the park one last time and it's sad to see this Houston landmark of 37 years just closed forever. I will be putting up a video soon.
18:07:21 | November 03, 2005-Houston Thrills

Fright Fest Begins October 7th
Well, because the final Fright Fest in Houston is beginning this Friday, I have decided to decorate the site accordingly. The Park Hours tables are pretty abyssmal to look at, but other than that, I think the site looks great and I hope you agree. Welcome to my nightmare, I think you're gonna like it.
03:07:52 | October 03, 2005-Houston Thrills

Holy Shit.
It appears that AstroWorld may close its doors forever at the end of the 2005 season. Six Flags issued a press release today stating that this will be AW's last year. The reasons listed for closure are poor performance and the parking situation mentioned on SaveAstroWorld.com For KHOU's news story, click here.
17:29:04 | September 12, 2005-Houston Thrills

Uh Oh...Serious Problem
In case there's anyone out there that visits this site and not SixFlagsHouston.com, I wanted to help circulate this news. It would seem that AstroWorld's existence is being threatened because the Houston Sports Authority decided to take away their parking. For more information see SaveAstroWorld.com. Help save AstroWorld in any way you can and spread the news to as many as possible.
01:20:59 | August 06, 2005-Houston Thrills

Moved to a new host
I moved to a new host recently, so there may be problems or non working pages around the site. As far as I know, everything works, but if you find something that's not working, please notify me by either using the contact form or posting about it on the forums.
19:26:29 | June 09, 2005-Houston Thrills

New News Posting System
I got tired of the slow loading times because of Invision's news export script, so I decided to try out a new news system. I have seen it used on another site and it appears to work quite well. Because of this change, the updates to the site might not continue to be posted on the forums, although there is a good chance they still will be.
01:19:22 | January 27, 2005-Houston Thrills

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